Who we are

About Socks is born from a new idea with solid roots (some members come from a family tradition that started in 1958 and increased in 1973 ), tradition and modernity, seriousness and maximum quality.
Everything starts from the passion of Stefano Alberini, who with his father Pietro wanted to create a new system to bring Italian Lifestyle to all people, through socks, because feeling good, it means living well. Niche products, small luxury made of high quality.
His father Pietro started to work in trade in 1973 and his father Francesco in 1958.

The new project does not start because of Pietro’s premature death in 2015. From there, however, a group of friends comes closer to Stefano and makes himself available to donate time and effort. To do not only business, but true Common Good.
From here a new idea starts, a new beginning.
About Socks is a small company with an international soul, with a heart made in Italy.occupied to giving back the right value and the right time, to wearing quality garments, with services and comfort, in an ethical way, respecting the right time of production and delivery, of those who produce, in harmony with the environment and ecosystems, thanks to the knowledge of which local territories and traditions are guarded, enclosed in the hands of Small businesses (the only true witnesses of the artisan traditions). Every day About Socks works in several countries to promote a quality, fashionable, and right wearing. Every product is worth because it is of high quality and not because associated with a famous brand or brand.

Who we are:

Alberini Stefano. Member and Ideamaker of About Socks. His father Pietro gives him the passion for socks and for quality. Always ready for innovation. He has always an idea.
Frignani Marco. Member and Stylist expert in fashion, graphics and materials. The engineer. La perfezione prima di tutto.
Barca Stefano. Member. Expert accountant and of management. Always ready to support and help.
Alberini Marco. CEO He is Stefano’s brother. He is always professional in the clothing field. His family has been engaged in trade since 1958.