The territory and solidarity

About Socks means SOLIDARITY, In collaboration with the Caritas of Quistello and Poggio Rusco we are creating initiatives of charity.

About Socks means SOLIDARITY , in collaboration with Istituto Oncologico Mantovano IOM e Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna, About Socks discovers its deepest, supportive and quality soul.
The About Socks Solidal Line was born: the true quality lies in doing things well, and in doing good. Because quality and solidarity are together forever. In fact, About Socks wants to help young people and who needs help.
Attention to people and to the common good: this means doing business for us, in a supportive and responsible way.
Because for us, doing business means offering quality products and always offering solidarity. To do things well, to focus on the common good. A company should be a way to make feel people who wear our products and who needs help better. For us, doing business is not just about achieving economic sustainability, necessary to survive and to give the company a future; our real goal is to create work, quality and safety for our customers, to help and to do the common good with solidarity and attention to the person who must always be in the centre. Offer Quality, Listening, Wellness and Solidarity.
We believe in solidarity, in giving through our products, well-being and quality life.

We also want to donate, because a company even if small as ours must think of others and of those who needs help.