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Socks dates back to ancient times. During the Roman Empire short socks made of woolen fabric were used. In the Middle Ages we used long socks and “brache” (similar to long johns). In the fifteenth century there was a revolutionary change, the men’s tights. This was packaged with precious heavy fabrics in bright colors. 

This fashion remained until the French Revolution when ?rachewere transformed into tight trousers that reached up to the knee (called by the transalpine coulottes), combined with socks. From this time, colors became more and more dark and classic tones. With the industrial revolution in England and the political one in France, we are witnessing the coverage of the socks from the trousers, going into the background. 

The two main functions of the sock have always been: protecting feett from friction with the shoe and from the cold. 

About Socks wants to let everyone experience the beauty of an Italian product, made with passion, made in a traditional way with the best yarns. An original product, true, strong regardless of the brand. Strong in a real and concrete way. 

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A few tips for choosing the size: for high quality pure cotton socks, they may suffer a slight decrease due to washing, for those who prefer maximum comfort, compared to the tight-fitting effect, we recommend one size more. 

In case of return, we only collect intact and unused products (no one will try the socks in physical stores, this would make the product unhygienic), As you get the socks, an advice is to do the test around the fist. Take the foot of the sock and turn it around your fist, it’s a good approximation of the size of the real foot. 

Sock is very important in the aesthetic impact because it adds a note of color with the tie, the shirt and the pocket handkerchief.
Matching socks with one of the items listed above is a good rule. 

Except in the case of exclusively sportswear, socks must always be worn long, to cover the calf and not normally white (according to the Italian tradition). In some countries it is customary to use the short sock. 

Socks should not be worn wet and is recommended rolling them down before putting them on. The washing must be done in a gentle way at no more than 30? degrees, without adding chemical additives to the water: Wool must be washed with cold water and with suitable soaps. 

When choosing men’s socks, you have to aim for the highest quality, to have quality socks with high performance fabrics, you have to think not only about pure savings. Not all socks are the same. The good quality is found in the first choice fabrics (Merino wool, Filoscozia, high quality cotton) and in true and Made in Italy craftsmanship. Good fabric and good workmanship affect the durability. 

Feet protected by high quality socks breathe better, create comfort and well-being. A sock looks like a small detail, but in reality it is an element of elegance and physical well-being that is very important. 

We must not only appear, we must above all STAY WELL and live safely and with quality. To do so, About Socks selects only the best craftsmen and the best yarn qualities.