Escape from Reality by Francesco Marshan Italian handmade sock


An Italian handmade sock of high quality. It is produced with the best Original Filoscozia Cotton (80%), Polyamide (18%) and Elastan (2%)

One size
One size

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The Italian handmade sock is created with the best Egyptian Mako Super Cotton, suitable for all seasons. Socks are one size and they are available in the long or short version. Composition: 85% Cotton, 12% polyamide, 3% Elastan.

Carefreeness, imagination and fun are important to reach a fantastic world through colors to arrive at a more pleasant outlook of reality.

The ” Escape from reality” capsule collection aims to open our minds, which are guided by imagination.

The power of the imagination is represented by the golden spiral, a harmonoius development of form to infinity.

Discover the designer Francesco Marshan:

Part of the proceeds will be donated to the Mantuan Oncology Institute.