movedLOCKdown by Alessandra Catò Italian handmade sock

An Italian handmade sock of high quality. It is produced with the best Original Filoscozia Cotton (80%), Polyamide (18%) and Elastan (2%)
One size
One size

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The Italian handmade sock is created with the best Warm Cotton, to warm you during the cold winter. Socks are one size and they are available in the long or short version. Composition: 85% Cotton, 12% polyamide, 3%. Elastan.

MovedLOCKdown tries to unlock the loneliness lived during the lockdown. In that period the windows were like frame and we could watch the reality from those. There was a lack of contact with other people. It was like if we were been paralyzed, turned away and left alone. Despite that, a new positivity is born inside us and there is also the creation of new thoughts related to a re-evaluation of what we were “before”.

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Part of the proceeds will be donated to the Mantuan Oncology Institute.