Blue Crane by Elia Crippa Italian Handmade sock


An Italian handmade sock of high quality. It is produced with the best Original Filoscozia Cotton (80%), Polyamide (18%) and Elastan (2%).

One size
One size

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The Italian handmade sock is created with the best Egyptian Mako Super Cotton, suitable for all seasons. Socks are one size and they are available in the long or short version. Composition: 85% Cotton, 12% polyamide, 3% Elastan.
The production takes place with the best artisan system.

You need to build one thousand paper cranes if you want to make a wish.

This origami is a symbol of hope and peace, an allegory of health and longevity. Dreams materialize themself in a fresh message of hope, an invitation to smile and hopefully wait for better times, a hug to those who are afraid.

The color palette takes inspiration from the gradients of Ukiyo-e prints, refined attempts to capture the sky with ink.

Discover the designer Elia Crippa:

Part of the proceeds will be donated to the Mantuan Oncology Institute.