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High quality Socks. 
10% donate it to the Mantuan Oncology Institute.
The Original Philosophy, 
One size, bright colors.

One size
One size
Arancio m308
Viola m328
Arancio m308
Viola m328

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February 21st is the National Braille Day. 
These SOCKS are special because they are from the heart. 
They are designed by the young Designer of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, his name is Antonino Tuccio Designer. 
The socks are produced with  the best Original Filoscozia Cotton (80%), Polyamide (18%) and Elastan (2%).
As a result, they are the most beautiful homage to solidarity. Solidarity is the most important thing for us.
10% of the price will be donated to the Mantuan Oncology Institute.