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High-quality cotton sock Egypt gassed mercerized. 100 Made in Italy
Available as Long (Lungo) or short (Corto) Socks

Avio D77Avio D77Avio D77Avio sottile A1E20Avio sottile A1E20Avio sottile A1E20Blu D77Blu D77Blu D77Blu sottile A1E20Blu sottile A1E20Blu sottile A1E20Nero D77Nero D77Nero D77Nero sottile A1E20Nero sottile A1E20Nero sottile A1E20

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High-quality Egitto mercerized gassed cotton sock. 80% high quality cotton, mixed with 20% polyamide 100% Made in Italy

Best Quality
Release the energy of the stripes with the highest artisan quality.
Color and creativity. Italy at your feet.
For a funny and relaxing moment, to be in line with style.
Comfortable and fun, as unique as the size.
You can be funny with the highest artisan quality.
The linking is made by machine.