Our Values

1. A unique product made of intrinsic and relational quality, made in Italy true and simple, with a lot of tradition in it and technological innovation in sales. Let’s rediscover the value of slowness, of the simplicity of things done well
2. The people at the center: customers, collaborators, suppliers. Our goal is to offer the best CUSTOMER experience possible.
3. Reliability and Authenticity: the given word comes before selling. Quality without compromise. The founders developed About Socks based on the idea that work must be a pleasure, a challenge and that this challenge must be fun.
4. Ethics and Human Relations: technology is important, we use it to the best in the service of man, but it always remains at the center. We want to work to improve people’s lives. Craft work, made by the best Italian hands. Profit is only a means to make things “stand”, it is not the end.
5. Common Good: we believe that the economy is not driven by selfishness, but by the common good towards the other. We want the opinions of people to improve, each product has a ranking, a free judgment scale, we believe that only by listening to people can we improve. Each person can help us make better products. We pursue the common good of our territory, with solidarity activities.
6. Innovation and Continuous Improvement: we always want to do better: passion and openness to the new that is advancing. We do not preclude any road and no idea.
7. Space for ideas: to look to the future with serenity, you need to be like sponges, ready to embrace change and new ideas. We believe that the most magnificent and creative results are more achievable in a healthy corporate culture open to new ideas.
8. Bringing Italian beauty into the world. True ITALIAN LIFE STYLE, to experience the beauty of Italy every day. Every customer can be in Italy every day, wearing our Socks.
9. Do always better. About Socks, believes that doing better is not the ultimate goal, but a starting point.

Simplify: simple products, Italian quality, concrete and easy products that aim at wellness, sometimes the best creativity lies in the classics.
Dialogue: Try to listen and meet people’s needs
Why we do it: To improve people’s lives, because even a small accessory can be a source of “feeling good”. People are our passion.
Retro and Quality: Italian artisan quality, a rare experience, a work of art to wear and live every day.
Local and International: A product strongly linked to its territory of origin, an excellence Made in Italy, to be brought around the world.
Nature: Products with a high natural component, Cotton Yarns, The Original, Scottish Thread, Merino Wool, products of nature, because man needs to return to live connected to the times of nature.
Solidarity: Every product tries to realize a dream, of the wearer and of those who thanks to that purchase can realize it. Common Good, a goal always at the center.

Why About Socks?
A group of friends, a great passion for the good Made in Italy craftsmanship of small businesses, a promise of high quality.
The desire to bring Italian passion and know-how abroad.
The desire to share the beauty and well-being of the true Italian life style.
Quality of life and well-being, we call it About Socks. Passion for high quality Made In Italy.

Ethical code

About Socks, it does not own any of the factories that produce its products, we work as professionals and partners with our suppliers so that they operate responsibly. To ensure that all this is guaranteed, we work exclusively with suppliers, employees and partners who have guaranteed us to respect ethical principles similar to these.

1) Freedom in the workplace. All workers have the same rights, work is voluntary. There is no discrimination in work. Work is the means by which people can be realized. Team work that always prevails. Diversity as a growth factor for our ideas.
2) Proportionate wages. All employees are entitled to a decent and respectful work contract. Child labor is not used.
3) Italian Production. Our products are made in Italy, by artisans who scrupulously follow the Italian tradition and the Italian rules in the field of safety at work and products.
4) Certifications and quality. To ensure that our clothes are free of hazardous chemicals, our suppliers are committed to meeting the requirements of the highest international standards. We clearly say what we use, if a product is FiloScozia the Original is not Filo di Scozia, but the FiloScozia of the consortium. We give to others what we think is the best for us and for the people we love and we do it with maximum transparency.
5) Sustainability. We respect people, the environment and production quality. Sustainability to respect and give a better future to our children.