How the product is created


What distinguishes our product deeply is the craftsmanship and the dimension of a small family business
You might find manufacturers that use the same yarns, but each shoe factory has its own personal know-how, its workmanship, its “secret” recipe, its spirit, which makes each sock unique and different. This is why our socks are small works of art, unique and secret, they can be imitated, but never equaled.
In many models, the linking is made by hand, a rare and precious traditional work.
High quality products, not made with industrial methods, but in a small laboratory in Brescia, where a family has been producing socks in a traditional way for over 40 years.
We want to refer to a tradition that started from afar (1958/1973); we want to reproduce the best of true Made in Italy, done in small shops and small craft workshops.
The product is created in this way, in small companies with a long tradition.
We produce 100% in Italy, using artisan and traditional methods, in full respect for people, for Common Good.


Italian packaging

For About Socks, what our product contains, your feet, is important: they are the centre of our thoughts and our aims.
Also what contains our socks is important, because a high quality artisan product also requires a high quality, environmental and design pack.
Simple lines, because simplicity is goodness. An excellent product does not need special packaging, but the simplicity of quality, so that it is the product to stand out and not the image, what matters is the product and its concrete ability to make people live better.

Both the pack and the jumper that holds the socks together are made of pure cellulose Elemental Chlorine Free, ECF: bleaching is made without elemental chlorine, but with products with low environmental impact. Cellulose doughs are FSC certified, because respect for forests is important, respecting nature means respecting man.
Our packaging is completely biodegradable and recyclable, made in Italy by a trusted artisan typography.
Because well-made things are not only beautiful, but also sustainable and quality.

The FSC certification guarantees the rules for environmentally friendly forest management that is socially and economically effective.
The FSC certification guarantees that the products come from responsibly managed forests, thus guaranteeing environmental, social and economic benefits.

Packaging supplier and packaging type should undergo variations for production or commercial needs, even without communicating it; different packaging could be used with different characteristics even without communicating it. No responsibility is attributable to About srl, the information is provided by the packaging manufacturer.


Linking by hand

Linking is a processing phase in the textile sector.
Hand linking makes it possible to have an elegant, artisan, comfortable and well-made product.
Hand linking means exactly joining the ranks of the tip with those of the foot. The effect created by the skilled hands of the craftsman creates a comfort without comparisons, in fact with hand linking, if wisely applied, no overlapping points are formed that could annoy the touch. A quality hand piece gives the feeling as if there was no “seam”, as if it were a single piece.
Hand linking About Socks creates greater comfort, less complaint due to rubbing inside the shoe, more comfort in use and superior quality of the product, a unique HAND MADE product. Craftsmanship, knowledge. Handmade Made in Italy. All the knowledge of our craftsmen located in the most important district of the men’s socks, make the product unique, of excellent quality. Always artisan and never industrial.

Linking made by machine
Some of our socks are linking in a crafted way using the “Red seam system”, a mechanical seaming system created in a traditional way by our manufacturer.
Each processing is always artisan and never industrial, always 100% Italian, a true Italian Lifestyle experience.