High quality cotton

High quality cotton

Cotton is acquired from various suppliers. It is a cotton in some cases mercerized gassed of various weights, in other cases high quality brushed cotton dyed in distaff. A quality product. some yarns and weights are 100% high quality mercerized gassed Egitto cotton.

Mercerized cotton is a cotton yarn patented in 1851 by the British chemist John Mercer. Mercerizing gives the cotton greater shine, better hygroscopicity.
Often mercerized cotton is commonly considered Filo di Scozia, a different product from Filoscozia The Original.
The brushed cotton is a particular type of cotton that, during the spinning process, is brushed to increase its softness, strength and beauty.
Gassed cotton is a type of cotton that results from a more uniform, smoother process. The cotton thread is made up of many twisted cotton ribbon fibres on themselves.
Our cotton has a good hygroscopicity; it is therefore permeable to water and in contact with the skin gives a feeling of well-being and freshness thanks to its transpiring action. It has a good resistance to tearing. A natural fabric.

Recommended washing: Maximum temperature 30 degrees Reduced mechanical action Normal rinsing Reduced rotation No bleaching Do not dry Do not iron No steam ironing No dry cleaning Do not use stain remover

A gentle wash is always recommended.

The yarn certifications

Supplier certifications:
Detox, Gots, Global Recycled standard, Cotton Usa, Friend

Supplier reserves the right to change the technological characteristics of the product according to market needs. Natural yarns can undergo variations in fineness and appearance due to normal changes that can occur naturally, for processing or for uncontrollable external conditions. The company is exempt from changes that may occur naturally or due to supplier choices. Supplier may temporarily use a different yarn manufacturer as indicated, even without warning and even for long periods of time. However supplier undertakes to keep the quality constant by using similar yarns as much as possible. For the composition, what is indicated in the label on the product is valid. Certifications indicated refer to the yarn used or to the supplier of the yarn (and not to the yarn itself); they do not refer to the finished socks. They are owned by the yarn producers and not by the artisan supplier of socks, or by the company About.