Filoscozia® | mercerized cotton yarn

About Socks uses, through its artisan producer, only true original Filoscozia of the protection consortium produced by Filmar spa.

The best yarn combined with the best artisan processing of About Sockscreate a sock which is unique for quality.
Filoscozia was founded around 1850. It was called Lisle Cotton Yarn and was in the surroundings of the White Cart river and of its limpid and icy waters, in the central-western part of the Scottish Lowlands, in a mercerized yarn factory named J & P Coats. Each Filoscozia product is distinguished by the special holographic certification label of the yarn by the Protection Consortium. Many say FILO DI SCOZIA, but only ONE IS THE REAL AND ORIGINAL PHILOSOPHY (discover the difference yourself). Only the original can affix the holographic label.
A cotton yarn of the highest quality, produced exclusively with noble varieties of long fibre, high quality cotton, cotton Egitto, resistant and naturally shiny.

Subjected to combing, twisting, carbonating and mercerizing, Filoscozia strengthens its natural characteristics of gloss and resistance, acquires unshrinkability and a better degree of absorption. Filoscozia garments are comfortable on the skin, long lasting, silky, lowpilling and with vivid and shiny tones.
Filoscozia is a guarantee of quality. The brand is protected and promoted since 1982 by a non-profit organization of Italian companies with considerable know-how in the manufacturing sector, go to the link . Fabrics and garments in Filoscozia are distinguished by the trademark registered in over 40 countries, promoted through warranty certificates and holographic labels.

In particular the true and original Filoscozia:

Long fibres cotton over 34/36 mm, durable and naturally shiny
Egyptian, Sudan or Peru cotton (Pima variety), only the best qualities −
Manual harvest of the cotton to avoid the harmful defoliants and for a cotton harvest at the right degree of ripening
Combing which re-arranges the carded fibres in such a way as to eliminate the weaker and shorter ones
− Title superior or identical to Ne60 / 2 NM 2/100 ((Ne) = skeins (840 yards) of wire in 1 English pound (454 g) Metric number (Nm) = skeins (1000 meters) of wire in 1 kg)
Twisted yarns
Flame treatment to eliminate superfluous hairiness and to acquire shine, regularity and resistance to pilling
Mercerization to give shine, strength, non-shrink and a better degree of absorption of liquids (such as sweat)
Warranty Oeko – Tex standard 100, Class 1, safe products, in addition the waters used are purified, controlled and recovered, for the maximum respect for the environment and health
− Brighter colors and tones
Filoscozia undergoes an antibacterial treatment that lasts even after washing
Filoscozia is natural (it does not derive from oil, but is a 100% natural fibre), resistant, bright, non-shrink and low-pilling.
Washing does not alter the properties, can be washed and re-washed, they are always the same,
comfortable and elegant.

Recommended washing:

Maximum temperature 30 degrees
no bleaching
Maximum 150 degrees for ironing
No drum washing
Dry cleaning without perchlorethylene, no trieline

A gentle wash is always recommended.

A gentle wash is always recommended. Detox engagement with Greenpeace For a fashion free from dangerous chemicals.

Certifications of the yarn supplier

Filmar Certifications Here

Many say Filo di Scozia, in reality the real and the only original is only that marked by the Quality Mark.
The true original Filoscozia of the consortium with the best characteristic craftsmanship of About Socks, a unique and inimitable product distinguished by the holographic label.

Supplier reserves the right to change the technological characteristics of the product according to market needs. Natural yarns can undergo variations in fineness and appearance due to normal changes that can occur naturally, for processing or for uncontrollable external conditions. The company is exempt from changes that may occur naturally or due to supplier choices. Supplier may temporarily use a different yarn manufacturer as indicated, even without warning and even for long periods of time. However supplier undertakes to keep the quality constant by using similar yarns as much as possible. For the composition, what is indicated in the label on the product is valid. Certifications indicated refer to the yarn used or to the supplier of the yarn (and not to the yarn itself); they do not refer to the finished socks. They are owned by the yarn producers and not by the artisan supplier of socks, or by the company About.