A product of true Italian artisan quality, not the usual mass-produced product.

About Socks is born as a project dedicated to whom is not satisfied with the usual mass products,
but he wants more, in a simple and natural way.

A product made by small artisans, in Italy, in some models with hand linking.. In each About Socks
product there are the Italian traditions and know-how, each product is a small work of art that
comes from of small artisan shops.

A product that releases the best of the ITALIAN LIFESTYLE. Socks in the three noblest materials: FiloScozia The Original, Cotton, Merino Wool. The best to take care of yourself, the best to be yourself with style, elegance and quality in Slow Shopping,
Slow Wear style.

Attention to territories, to the respect for people and the common good, not just profit, but real and
concrete help to others, doing business to do Common Good..
People at the centre. Small craft business. Italian passion.